Phởcast is a tiny and kinda silly letter of appreciation for phở — and bigger picture, soup — weather.

It's pretty simple:

Fill in your zip code and preferred cold temperature threshold and you too can get personalized updates on whether or not it is phở weather.

For example, if you live in zip code 98028 and think 65 is a good boundary for whether or not it's phở weather, you can visit:


to get real time updates. You can bookmark it, even!

Add it to your home screen on iOS and it will add dedicated "app" so clear answers are always at the ready.

Questions the curious may quietly wonder but probably wouldn't actually ask:

Q: But, really, *any* weather can be phở weather!
A: Fair point. Sounds like your use of the app is elective, then. :)

Q: Couldn't I just look at the weather app ?
A: Yes, definitely, lol 100%

Q: So why build this ?
A: I like cold weather season, but I know it can be rough on some folks. But phở is something I get downright excited about. If this gives folks something to get excited about, and look forward to — perhaps even rising to the level of requiring its own, handy, dedicated forecast — hey, the app is doing its job.